Welcome to the Plainfield Christian Science Church, Independent

January 14th, 2020

By affirming that which is true, we can bring it to pass.

November 25th, 2019

Good is the heritage of one and all.

November 21st, 2019

The germ of goodness is the only germ, and this germ, in its infinity of variety, expresses God in all its ways.

June 10th, 2019

Man is the pureness of good and is the law of destruction to all unlike good.

April 29th, 2019

There is no yesterday with a history; there is this instant only.

March 12th, 2019

Each experience comes at the right moment to confer the greatest blessing.

February 26th, 2019

Look to God alone for guidance.

December 12th, 2018

There is no half-way course. In Christian Science, as in mathematics, a thing is either right or wrong.

November 20th, 2018

Trust divine Love to direct your every word.

October 27th, 2018

God appears to man in the language that man can best understand and that will promote happiness and success.