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We are a world-wide congregation united by the desire to love and know God better so we each may live as the individual He created us to be. We study both The Bible and the writings of Mary Baker Eddy, striving to put the Word of God into practice. We warmly welcome you to our website!

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This Week:

Event Date Title
Instructional Testimony December 7th, 2016 From Glory unto Glory Watch on YouTube Listen on SoundCloud
Instructional Testimony December 7th, 2016 All Can Be Free Watch on YouTube Listen on SoundCloud
Wednesday Testimony meeting December 7th, 2016 The Christ, Our Way Of Freedom Is Here YouTube: Readings and Testimonies Listen on SoundCloud
Lesson Sermon December 11th, 2016 Subject: God The Preserver of Man Read Here Listen on SoundCloud

Last Week:

Event Date Title
Sunday service December 4th, 2016 Subject: God The Only Cause And Creator Watch on YouTube Listen on SoundCloud
Roundtable December 4th, 2016 Man is not a Creator Watch on YouTube Listen on SoundCloud
Bible Study December 3rd, 2016 Elisabeth and Zacharias Watch on YouTube Listen on SoundCloud
Instructional Testimony November 30th, 2016 His Own Purpose and Grace Watch on YouTube Listen on SoundCloud
Instructional Testimony November 30th, 2016 I Am Worthy Watch on YouTube Listen on SoundCloud
Wednesday Testimony meeting November 30th, 2016 Peace Be Still; God is Our Refuge YouTube: Readings and Testimonies Listen on SoundCloud
Lesson Sermon December 4th, 2016 Subject: God The Only Cause And Creator Read Here Listen on SoundCloud

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Recently added comments on the Bulletin Board:

Rectifying counterfeits.

  • Persistent whirlwinds of error attempt to knock us out of being at one with God. A couple of nights ago, turning to The Blue Book to settle thoughts in the evening I opened to the following; “The law of divine Life, Truth and Love is a law of instant and complete expulsion and elimination of all poisons and impurities from the system. Why? Because the floodtides of divine Life, Truth and Love are pouring and surging through consciousness, uplifting, purifying, healing, elevating, sustaining and energizing mankind.” Mary Baker Eddy p. 73 Blue Book
    This new (to me) way of applying God’s government to the situation eliminated the poisonous and impure thoughts and gave me peaceful sleep. I’m memorizing this to have one more weapon against animal magnetism. Grateful for Mrs. Eddy’s great gift to mankind and those that have sacrificed to preserve it!!
  • MPupko

True gift of the season

  • Thank you for the gift of the Wed, Dec 7, testimony meeting! The readings on “The Christ, Our Way of Freedom is Here” are so clear and powerful; and every testimony expresses the joy and gratitude of finding this freedom here. Thanks to all!
  • DaleW
  • I also agree that the Wednesday testimony meeting on December 7th was a gift to all participating and listening. I am so very grateful for all of the activities of the Plainfield Church. Every activity is a gift that keeps on giving. Everyone at Plainfield expresses so much love that no matter where you are during the church services, Bible Study, or roundtable the warmth of your love is felt. Thank you Plainfield! I am so grateful for God guiding me here and keeping me here.
  • janetm

Saturday December 3rd—Bible Study

  • I would like to express my gratitude for the Bible Study yesterday about Zacharias and Elisabeth, the parents of John the Baptist. It was so helpful to be reminded that,”prayers of faith are filed in heaven” and prayers are not always answered immediately — but only in God’s good time. There are many other wonderful things brought out in this remarkable Bible Study and I know it can we found on our website for all to enjoy!
  • chardelle

Saturday Bible Study

  • I’m thankful for the Saturday morning Bible Study sessions. They are most instructive and inspiring–and what a wonderful way to start the day as well as the weekend!
  • Susanne

effects of hymn singing

  • Last week we had a hurricane passing right over us in the area where I live here in Costa Rica, which has never happened before. The extreme winds lasted from around 19 hrs to 23 hrs, and my friend and I kept singing non-stop hymns out of the hymnal, by candlelight. Huge coconuts from a very tall 30 ft high tree bombarded our corrugated roof, denting it, but no leaks developed. In the low laying flat areas there was a lot of flooding and landslides, abt 10 persons lost their lives. In my village there was almost no damage, except for a great many trees that toppled over. The eye passed over us, we noticed the quiet period, and then the wind came from the opposite direction. I feel strongly that most of the damage was due to the collective hysteria and malpractice. I read the chapter Spirit and Law once more in Miscellaneous Writings, which clarifies our thought on the subject. In view of the many people that lost their properties, I will not say that I am feeling thankful, but I am grateful that evil in all its aggressive manifestations is unreal, and that this can be proved by disbelieving it.
  • jacob45

Nov. 30 Wednesday's Readings

  • Thank you for the November 30th Wednesdays readings given by Elizabeth from GA on the theme: Peace Be Still; God is Our Refuge. They were very beautiful and comforting and so needed at this time. Made a copy to keep close and study.
  • Betty S

Weekly lessons

  • Thank you to the lessons writers. Every dynamic lesson, one after the next, is always instructional, pertinent and practical. This is definitely wonderful!
  • C.M.G

The New Birth

  • Thank you to Mrs. Eddy for writing THE NEW BIRTH which can be found in Prose Works under Miscellaneous Writings on page 15. What a comfort when she says, “The new birth is not the work of a moment. It begins with moments, and goes on with years; moments of surrender to God, of childlike trust…self abnegation…..heaven-born hope, and spiritual love. ……and gains a truer sense of Spirit and spiritual man.”
  • chardelle

Thanksgiving Service

  • Dear Church —
    The Thanksgiving Day solo, “Bless This House,” was so beautiful it made me weep — tears of joy and gratitude and cherished memories of all the blessed healing services in this church. Thank you for it and for today’s service.
  • JoanneF
  • Amen! Thank you Jo.
  • MaryBeth

a timely reminder

  • Recently I had the opportunity to read a children’s book about being thankful. The last few lines went something like this, “You are not thankful because you are happy. You are happy because you are thankful.” I was glad for this important reminder.
  • spencel

Wednesday meeting 11/16

  • Many thanks for the readings “Humility gives rest to the Soul” which were beautifully read, and pointing out the importance of humility, meekness and goodness. Thank you to each one, who shared inspiring testimonies; and thanks for each hymn with its comforting and healing message, along with the very lovely music!
  • DaleW

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