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We are a world-wide congregation united by the desire to love and know God better so we each may live as the individual He created us to be. We study both The Bible and the writings of Mary Baker Eddy, striving to put the Word of God into practice. We warmly welcome you to our website!

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This Week:

Event Date Title
Instructional Testimony February 22nd, 2017 Right Thinking For Right Living Watch on YouTube Listen on SoundCloud
Wednesday Testimony meeting February 22nd, 2017 The Power of Right Thinking YouTube: Readings and Testimonies Listen on SoundCloud
Lesson Sermon February 26th, 2017 Subject: Christ Jesus Read Here Listen on SoundCloud

Last Week:

Event Date Title
Sunday service February 19th, 2017 Subject: Mind Watch on YouTube Listen on SoundCloud
Roundtable February 19th, 2017 The Brotherhood of Man Watch on YouTube Listen on SoundCloud
Bible Study February 18th, 2017 Cornelius and Peter Watch on YouTube Listen on SoundCloud
Instructional Testimony February 15th, 2017 Grateful For Mrs. Eddy's Writings Watch on YouTube Listen on SoundCloud
Wednesday Testimony meeting February 15th, 2017 You are never separate from God YouTube: Readings and Testimonies Listen on SoundCloud
Lesson Sermon February 19th, 2017 Subject: Mind Read Here Listen on SoundCloud

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Recently added comments on the Bulletin Board:

Power of Right Thinking

  • Thank you Elizabeth for the readings on the Power of Right Thinking this past Wednesday.They make clear that right thinking leads to right acting! These words of truth and encouragement help us to stay on the right side even when it looks like you are in the minority and world pressure would try to take you off the narrow path of correct thinking.
  • chardelle


  • Many thanks for the very uplifting services in this church, where blessings abound! The performance on Sunday, Feb. 19, of “But A Light Thing” by Faith, Jared and Peter was so beautiful, and the words written by Peter such a valuable wake-up call to God’s power and grace. Thank you all.
  • DaleW

Weekend instruction

  • I wish to offer my gratitude for the Bible study on Saturday and the roundtable on Sunday. These wonderful instructional classes are very helpful in learning more about God. The nothingness of animal magnetism is starting to be understood in my thinking. We must face this mental intruder and deal with it scientifically which is exactly what we are taught here at Plainfield.
  • chardelle

Sunday Roundtable 2/18/17

  • Much gratitude for this Sunday’s Roundtable, which was very helpful in discussions of our daily interactions with others, on the phone, in traffic, always to know that each person is a child of God, but to be tough with error, that we are in a warfare.
  • Fairlie

Bible Lessons

  • Many thanks for this week’s wonderful Bible Lesson on SOUL. Our Bible Study questions and the research adds so much to understanding the precepts, as do the items shared in today’s email message: “Possession” by Mary Baker Eddy; and “Getting Rich” from Dominion Within by Rev. G. A. Kratzer (Read by Bruce Singleterry). These are all so helpful — thank you!
  • DaleW

Lesson Sermons

  • I wish to thank everyone who reads and is responsible for making available our Lesson Sermons for all to listen to. The recording of the Lesson can be found on our website under Weekly Lessons. For whatever reason you need to listen, instead of only reading yourself, these are a blessing to all… and I am most grateful.
  • chardelle

Special Service

  • This Sunday's solo was Excellent!!! The message was expressed so beautifully: "People need the Lord". I'm glad that I've come to know, through Christian Science, that this is the truth about everyone everywhere, and it is the need for every day. I'm so grateful to God for the Plainfield Church, which brings us closer to our Lord, with the understanding needed to bring others closer as we are directed. Much love and gratitude for all!!!
  • deder


  • Many thanks for the lovely Wednesday evening meeting, Feb. 1; every word of the readings and testimonies are such a benefit, which I am carrying with me. While traveling this week, have been studying the article, Hints on Healing by Rev. Mason–a gift from this church. What a joy it is to hold in thought, that all are safe in the “Ark,” in Divine Mind where mortal thought cannot find them!
  • DaleW

"How Great Thou Art"

  • Thank you so much for posting this hymn on the home page. Jim played it so beautifully in last night’s service.
  • Lil

Member's Meeting

  • It was a real “treat” to be able to attend the Monthly Membership Meeting last night by tele-conference. I enjoyed the special opening to the meeting. We all sang a much loved hymn of mine,(Hymn 10), and were accompanied by a lively guitar. Next, came the various committee reports. I was impressed and amazed by the report that thousands of “clicks” were being made to our web-site and various accessible video’s that are available. How wonderful to hear how far-reaching our prayerful work is! God knows no boundaries. I am most grateful to be a member of this Independent Church, and look forward to attending future meetings.
  • Heidi

Thankful For Fellow Member's Stories

  • Thank you all for sharing your individual stories of “how you came to find our church”. What truly wonderful demonstrations have been made by each one of us, although at the time we did not know it. God found each of His “lost sheep” and “led us to the fold.”
  • Heidi

roundtable comments

  • This sunday's Roundtable made me think of the following phrase by Mrs. Eddy from the Blue Book: “The man you see is the man you are.” And from Oneness by Bicknell Young: “Man is the individual appearing of Mind.” The only sin there is, is this mental delusion, the mist and darkness of mortal mind, the unreality of material, personal sense. If Mind could be aware of it, — but She isn't — then this false state of consciousness would be most offensive and insulting to Her. It definitely rules out the divine presence.
  • jacob45

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