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We are a world-wide congregation united by the desire to love and know God better so we each may live as the individual He created us to be. We study both The Bible and the writings of Mary Baker Eddy, striving to put the Word of God into practice. We warmly welcome you to our website!

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This Week:

Event Date Title
Instructional Testimony May 24th, 2017 Error is a Coward Before Truth Watch on YouTube Listen on SoundCloud
Instructional Testimony May 24th, 2017 Real Peace From God Alone Watch on YouTube Listen on SoundCloud
Wednesday Testimony meeting May 24th, 2017 Be Not Dismayed by the Signs of the Times YouTube: Readings and Testimonies Listen on SoundCloud
Lesson Sermon May 28th, 2017 Subject: Ancient and Modern Necromancy, Alias Mesmerism and Hypnotism, Denounced Read Here Listen on SoundCloud or View on YouTube

Last Week:

Event Date Title
Sunday service May 21st, 2017 Subject: Soul and Body Watch on YouTube Listen on SoundCloud
Roundtable May 21st, 2017 You Are the Temple of the Living God Watch on YouTube Listen on SoundCloud
Bible Study May 20th, 2017 The Transformation of Jacob Watch on YouTube Listen on SoundCloud
Instructional Testimony May 17th, 2017 Use The Truth You Know Watch on YouTube Listen on SoundCloud
Wednesday Testimony meeting May 17th, 2017 Taking Offense YouTube: Readings and Testimonies Listen on SoundCloud
Lesson Sermon May 21st, 2017 Subject: Soul and Body Read Here Listen on SoundCloud or View on YouTube

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“Gratitude is the sunshine of Life.”

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Recently added comments on the Bulletin Board:

Belief of Invasion

  • Belief of Invasion, By Mildred LeBlond, in the May 2014 issue of Love is the Liberator. “Being cannot be invaded now or at any time, because all being is God. God cannot, and does not invade Himself. Nothing can come to any nation but God, and God constitutes all being.” Thank you Plainfield for providing this web site. It is meeting every need with the love and the power of God.
  • janetm

Taking Offense

  • Thank you to Mr. Gary Singleterry for the Wednesday Evening readings for May 17th, 2017 on “Taking Offense.” Hearing the words read added depth and understanding for me and I am very grateful.
  • chardelle

Wonderful Testimonies

  • Thank you all for the up-lifting, wonderful, Wednesday night service on May 10.. I found all the testimonies to be particularly helpful, hopeful, and encouraging.
  • Heidi

Generic man

  • Thank you for the May 6 Bible Study on the subject ADAM AND FALLEN MAN. In answer to the question, How were both female and male made in God’s own image, a quote was given from Watches, Prayers, and Arguments, which totally defends and supports generic man as God’s idea, completely free from personality limitations and material laws — a wonderful precept to dwell on for oneself and for all mankind! Thank you for this treasure! (Found on the Forum; also in WPA, page 92)
  • DaleW

Thank You to Linda

  • Thank you to Linda for the Daily Watch. This week’s selection of Watching Point 500 is very pertinent and helpful to me.
  • Betty S

thank you

  • Thank you to Elizabeth for the Wednesday readings on April 26, 2017. It is a comfort to realize that God is always taking us upward when we are willing to obey, listen and not look back.
  • chardelle

Sunday Service

  • I’m grateful for this morning’s entire Sunday service, from the enlightening Roundtable discussion, to the tears of joy brought about by the healing and uplifting service Duet. Many thanks to God and the Plainfield Christian Science Church Independent, for all! Much love.
  • deder

Easter Service

  • Thank you for the joyous Easter service. From the sermon to the music, all was uplifting and inspiring.
  • C.M.G.

Gratitude for April 9 Roundtable

  • Much gratitude for the very helpful Roundtable this past Sunday, April 9: letting God work through you and feeling that oneness with the Father; in traveling, being aware of your surroundings, establishing the right atmosphere rather being handled by it; positive expectancy essential for healing, letting God come in.
  • Fairlie


  • Thank you, Jacob, so much for those very important and vital readings on Oneness in the April 5, 2017 Testimony Meeting.
    I’m so grateful that Christian Science is based on the Allness and goodness of God, and nothing else. It’s based on the creation of only good: Genesis 1:31 says, “And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good.” From this basis of all good, error is totally debunked, and we learn in Christian Science that everyone can prove it!
    I will be spending more time with these readings, acknowledging my oneness with God, and as we are taught in this church, striving to be one with Him in word, thought and deed, to glorify Him, to see His power and presence in this world. Thank you again.
  • DaleW

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