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We are a world-wide congregation united by the desire to love and know God better so we each may live as the individual He created us to be. We study both The Bible and the writings of Mary Baker Eddy, striving to put the Word of God into practice. We warmly welcome you to our website!

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This Week:

Event Date Title
Wednesday Testimony meeting May 4th, 2016 Right Motives are Pure Motives YouTube: Readings and Testimonies Listen on SoundCloud
Lesson Sermon May 8th, 2016 Subject: Adam and Fallen Man Read Here Listen on SoundCloud

Last Week:

Event Date Title
Sunday service May 1st, 2016 Subject: Everlasting Punishment Watch on YouTube Listen on SoundCloud
Roundtable May 1st, 2016 The Need to Give Watch on YouTube Listen on SoundCloud
Bible Study April 30th, 2016 Watch Out For the Tares Watch on YouTube Listen on SoundCloud
Instructional Testimony April 27th, 2016 Many Blessings! Watch on YouTube Listen on SoundCloud
Instructional Testimony April 27th, 2016 Daniel's Answer to the King Watch on YouTube Listen on SoundCloud
Wednesday Testimony meeting April 27th, 2016 Our Oneness With God YouTube: Readings and Testimonies Listen on SoundCloud
Lesson Sermon May 1st, 2016 Subject: Everlasting Punishment Read Here Listen on SoundCloud


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“God never fails in His promises.”

Wednesday Testimony Meeting — 8:15 pm
Saturday Adult Bible Study — 10:00 am
Sunday Roundtable — 10:00 am
Sunday Service — 11:00 am
Sunday School — 11:00 am
(Nursery Available)

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Recently added comments on the Bulletin Board:


  • The readings tonight were wonderful, and it was such a help to me to be able to read the text of the readings online while listening. Thank you!
  • barbw

Inspiring Quote

  • Today’s calendar quote says “God does not withhold and good from His children. When man does his part, he receives the blessing.” Thank God for Plainfield Christian Science Church Independent, a place and a platform for us all to learn how best to do our part, according to His will, to receive endless blessings while blessing others.
  • deder


  • In the Roundtable today, we discussed church participation and the blessings it brings. I just wanted to take the time to thank both Wendy and Heidi for the readings they picked and shared today. Wendy’s scriptural selection was just the healing message I needed and Heidi’s Fruitage choice inspired me. Often we don’t always know who we touch so I wanted to take time to express my appreciation for the work they did for our service. I also really enjoyed hearing the flute and one of my favorite psalms during the duo today.
  • spencel

Animal Magnetism

  • In Gilbert Carpenter’s book, Mary Baker Eddy, Her Spiritual Footsteps on page 298-299 it is mentioned that we should have no sympathy with error and that animal magnetism was the term used to cover anything “operating in a subtle way to shut out God.” Mrs. Eddy was always alert to animal magnetism and taught her students to also be alert to anything that would “shut out God”.
  • chardelle

Thank you!

  • Thank you for the inspiring Wednesday evening service on April 27th. What I love about Plainfield is that all the services, publications and activities are for the glorification and love of God and mankind. What more could we ask for?
  • janetm


  • Special thanks to testifiers at last week’s testimony meeting and the one before. I’ve listened to these wonderful testimonies repeatedly. Tried to say so tonight, but apparently I’m not familiar enough with how our cell phone functions, as I couldn’t be heard. Blessings on all.
  • barbw

Practitioner Support

  • Here at Plainfield we have prayerful support from our Practitioners even when we make a mistake and need correction in our thoughts or words. This is a wonderful thing, to be protected and brought back in to alignment with God. Thank you
  • chardelle


  • Thank you so much for the very wonderful readings, Persist In The Only Way, which were read at last night’s testimony meeting (April 20), and thank you for printing them on the website! This church gives so much good constantly, and I know it ripples out to the world in many ways to bless!
  • DaleW

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