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We are a world-wide congregation united by the desire to love and know God better so we each may live as the individual He created us to be. We study both The Bible and the writings of Mary Baker Eddy, striving to put the Word of God into practice. We warmly welcome you to our website!

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This Week:

Event Date Title
Instructional Testimony January 17th, 2018 Be Thou Removed Watch on YouTube Listen on SoundCloud
Instructional Testimony January 17th, 2018 Understanding Gives Light Watch on YouTube Listen on SoundCloud
Wednesday Testimony meeting January 17th, 2018 Keep Your Spiritual Light Burning YouTube: Readings and Testimonies Listen on SoundCloud
Lesson Sermon January 21st, 2018 Subject: Life Read Here Listen on SoundCloud or View on YouTube

Last Week:

Event Date Title
Sunday service January 14th, 2018 Subject: Sacrament Watch on YouTube Listen on SoundCloud
Roundtable January 14th, 2018 Lord, what wilt thou have me to do? Watch on YouTube Listen on SoundCloud
Bible Study January 13th, 2018 Isaiah's Vision Watch on YouTube Listen on SoundCloud
Instructional Testimony January 10th, 2018 Mrs. Eddy and Einstein Watch on YouTube Listen on SoundCloud
Instructional Testimony January 10th, 2018 God, Spirit Is All, Matter Is Unreal Watch on YouTube Listen on SoundCloud
Wednesday Testimony meeting January 10th, 2018 The allness of God and the unreality of matter YouTube: Readings and Testimonies Listen on SoundCloud
Lesson Sermon January 14th, 2018 Subject: Sacrament Read Here Listen on SoundCloud or View on YouTube

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Recently added comments on the Bulletin Board:

Luanne's painting in "Love is the Liberator"

  • I can’t stop looking at Luanne’s painting in “Love is the Liberator” magazine January 2018 issue.
    This beautiful painting places our Pastor , “The Holy Bible, the King James Version,” and “Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures” by Mary Baker Eddy, prominently in the forefront of the painting on an altar leading your eyes up with light of Truth to find rest in God. I find in the painting beauty, hope, faith, strength, joy, fulfillment. A path that is straight and narrow but radiating with the light of Love.
    Thank you for this blessing. It is truly a gift from above.
  • Colleen From MA

  • Thank you for the inspiring Wednesday evening testimony meeting last night on Light. The beautiful readings, lovely music, and helpful testimonies were exactly what I needed to hear. This morning synchronicity was at play when I got out of bed to handle a false claim. Reading through 500 Watching Points, I could feel a lifting. But when I came across WATCH 79, I had to laugh.
    “79 – WATCH lest you accept one of the four suggestions which handled the five foolish virgins: 1) That man’s spiritual light was once lit, but now has gone out. 2) That it is possible for it ever to go out. 3) That man’s supply of spiritual oil that comes from infinite Mind can be limited. 4) That it is possible to enter into a permanent consciousness of the Christ as the true selfhood of man, through the light that is borrowed from another.
    “In reality the five foolish virgins had unlimited spiritual oil given them by God; hence it must have been mesmerism that deceived them into believing that it was limited. The solution to their problem certainly was not to borrow oil, since God’s demand is that each one fan for himself the recognition of where the oil comes from. Error can never rob anyone of his spiritual understanding. It can only suggest that he has lost it, or it has given out. Before mortal man will lose his mortality, he must learn to protect himself and stand guard against such a false belief.”
    Thanks again for the healing readings on this teaching, and for the Light of God so freely shared at Plainfield. I am learning to be thankful for the opportunities that come to demonstrate the love of God. What a relief to learn my lamp is forever full of spiritual oil.
  • Rae from Florida

Emergence Into Light

  • Thank you, Elizabeth, for the readings tonight! Very inspiring!. Also, thank you for the music which was really beautiful! I wanted to share this from Mrs. Eddy. It ties in nicely with the theme of tonight’s meeting: “Keep Your Spiritual Light Burning.”
    Retrospection and Introspection by Mary Baker Eddy pg.23:1-24
    “Emergence into Light”
    “The trend of human life was too eventful to leave me undisturbed in the illusion that this so-called life could be a real and abiding rest. All things earthly must ultimately yield to the irony of fate, or else be merged into the one infinite Love.
    As these pungent lessons became clearer, they grew sterner. Previously the cloud of mortal mind seemed to have a silver lining; but now it was not even fringed with light. Matter was no longer spanned with its rainbow of promise. The world was dark. The oncoming hours were indicated by no floral dial. The senses could not prophesy sunrise or starlight.
    Thus it was when the moment arrived of the heart’s bridal to more spiritual existence. When the door opened, I was waiting and watching; and, lo, the bridegroom came! The character of the Christ was illuminated by the midnight torches of Spirit. My heart knew its Redeemer. He whom my affections had diligently sought was as the One “altogether lovely,” as “the chiefest,” the only, “among ten thousand.” Soulless famine had fled. Agnosticism, pantheism, and theosophy were void. Being was beautiful, its substance, cause, and currents were God and His idea. I had touched the hem of Christian Science.”
  • Colleen From MA


  • I wholeheartedly agree with Colleen regarding today’s (Sun, Jan 14) offerings! The teaching and service were very holy and inspiring! And I was so moved and touched when I heard the bells before the Doxology, I could hardly sing the hymn!
    Thank you, too, for putting on the carousel the interview with Joe Carter about Spirituals; what a treat to have this information — it is truly inspiring!
  • Dale from VA

Thank you for today!

  • Thank you to all the readers and musicians who made the Sunday Service come alive today with such joy and inspiration! I also loved the bells!
    Dede, you read the morning prayer (Mrs. Eddy’s prayer given at the Massachusetts Metaphysical College) to start off our Roundtable this morning with the pure light of divine Love beaming through those beautiful words. It meant so much to me. Mary Beth, when you follow with “We, to-day, in this class-room, are enough to convert the world if we are of one Mind;…” (Misc. 279:27-1 ) I feel the power of the Word that comes right through you. I am so grateful to you both, and all the members of this Church who make every occasion count! The Love that permeates all activities is truly felt here.
  • Colleen From MA

daily watching point

  • “5 — WATCH lest you set your affections on the peep-hole, rather than on the sunlight that is pouring through it.”
    I am so grateful for this watching point this week because it helps me to realize God’s allness and matters nothingness. Instead of looking at a person, place or thing, I understand now that I should look at the infinite Love pouring through all things and not to limit my concept of Good! This just reinforces to me the idea that their is one infinite Mind, one infinite Life and one infinite Love and this radiant light bathes all in the harmony of eternal existence.
    Thank you, Plainfield Christian Science Church, Independent for the unselfed devotion of thought, words and deeds that bless us all.
  • Colleen From MA

Sunday's solo

  • The solo sung last Sunday,January 7th, Entitled “When I found God I found me” reminded me of how I, too, had looked for who I was and where I was going until I found the Plainfield Church. Here I found that God truly cares for all his children and is always speaking to me (and all his children) and showing me the way I should go and when I am still and listen I am not led astray but to my rightful path. Thank you Plainfield Church!
  • Betty from CA