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The differences between Plainfield and Boston

  • We understand Mary Baker Eddy to be the woman prophesied in chapter 12 of Revelation.
  • The Plainfield church was excommunicated long ago. You may read about “The History of our Independence” here (link). Our independence has become a desire to return to the pure Christian Science as taught and lived by Mary Baker Eddy.
  • We hold to the 88th edition of the Church Manual, and the 1910 version of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. These editions were approved by Mary Baker Eddy during her lifetime and have not been edited by the organization.
  • We hold to what Mrs. Eddy said in this article here (link) regarding the concept of “Authorized Literature” and know that everyone is “capable, individually, of selecting their own reading matter” because everyone has the spiritual sense to listen and obey God on their own without human oversight.
  • We offer only the finest Christian Science literature, in some cases by those who worked in Mrs. Eddy’s home and were taught directly by her. (Click here for articles) and (click here for books).
  • We write our own lessons, publish our own magazines and books, and run our own websites, and give all we can freely to the world.
  • We watch according to Christ Jesus’ command: “And what I say unto you I say unto all, Watch.” (Mark 13:37) Additionally, this (link) shows how important watching was to Mrs. Eddy.
  • We encourage our members to read and study the King James version of the Bible and Mrs. Eddy’s published works Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures and Prose Works, as well as any additional Christian Science material they may find useful; and what’s more, we expect them to demonstrate and live this Science daily, and to understand that by our fruits we are known and by our works we are justified or condemned.
  • We encourage our members to become well-acquainted with the life of Mary Baker Eddy and the history of her church, so that they may become healers and workers worthy of this Science. We offer only the finest and most accurate biographies written about her. (link)
  • No one is excommunicated or condemned for seeking medical assistance.